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Language learning for kids and teens

A fun, proven method for learning a new language.

Berlitz Kids and Teens programs encourage intellectual development, introduce a global perspective, and can enhance your child’s future career opportunities.


Research has shown that childhood is the best time to learn a language. With fewer inhibitions than adults, children can absorb the nuances of a foreign language and they’re often able to speak without an accent.

Our language program options for kids

Summer camps

  • Fun, interactive lessons
  • Diverse learning plans focus on social and language skills
  • Choose from multiple schedules and languages

Live Online programs

  • Private and group courses
  • Interactive lessons with an instructor
  • After school schedules available

Online group Spanish programs

  • Small group live online Spanish course
  • Lessons focus on gaming and interactive activities
  • Free 1-year Guadalingo access included

In-person programs

  • Private and group courses
  • Learn in the classroom with a Berlitz instructor
  • Flexible schedules and learning plans

What makes our kids courses different?

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A focus on conversation

Our immersive lessons focus on speaking the language. The focus on conversation also keeps kids focused, which increases retention.

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Multiple course options

Our range of course options provide a solution for every learner.

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Age-specific learning plans

Our learning plans are designed specifically for different age groups to ensure kids can progress to reach fluency.

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Diverse selection of languages

We provide a wide range of language offerings, so you can choose the language you want your child to learn.

Benefits of learning a language as a kid

The benefits of being bilingual include increased cognitive abilities, a broadened global perspective and enhanced career opportunities. By introducing your child to a new language, you’re setting them up for future success.


Studies have shown that learning a second language also improves overall cognitive development. In addition to learning, speaking, reading and writing in a new language, children can improve standardized test scores, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills and greater mental flexibility.

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