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Why learn German online with Berlitz?

Whether you’re starting from scratch or keen to improve your fluency, there’s never been a better time to learn German online with Berlitz. Taking online German classes is a great way to open your world with fun, flexible and focused language learning, and we’ll give you the skills and the confidence to succeed.


When you learn with us, you can count on the help of native German-speaking language teachers to teach you all the tricks and details of German language. We do this using proven teaching methods that will help you to reach fluency quickly, giving you online learning options that will empower you to study whenever and wherever it suits you.

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Online German subscription + practice sessions

Learn a language at your own pace with Berlitz Flex.

Private online classes

Learn a new language online with a live instructor via private lessons.

Group online classes

Learn a language online with a live instructor in small group classes

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You can speak to an Enrollment Advisor to discuss your budget, goals and timeline so we can figure out the best course option for you. We can also schedule a demo lesson so you can get an idea of what our immersive lessons are like.

What you will learn in online German classes

Level 1 and 2 – Basic

In the first levels, you’ll mainly learn how to communicate and express yourself in German. The focus is on your ability to understand the language.

Level 3 and 4 – Intermediate

In the intermediate phase, the focus is on learning about different topics and how to communicate easily.

Levels 5 and 6 – Upper Intermediate

Here, you are more confident of your skills. The topics covered at this level are more complex and advanced and will challenge you more.

Level 7 and 8 – Advanced

Fluency is one step away! Here you will learn to talk about the most everyday topics. Professional conversation and problem solving will be addressed.

Level 9 and 10 – Professional

At this level you will achieve your desired German fluency!

Advantages of studying German online at Berlitz

A century of quality

For more than a century, Berlitz has been creating new opportunities for people from all over the world. With an incredible and innovative teaching method, we have achieved excellence in our work, and we want you to be part of this story.

Modular classes

The classes at Berlitz can be organized according to your schedule and your commitments, fitting learning a language around your life.

Different stimuli for learning

All your learning will take place in a diverse, enjoyable way. No more just staring at books. At Berlitz, you’ll talk, understand and learn much more than a language… You’ll learn a whole new culture.

Intensive courses

Intensive courses in many languages ​​are part of our offering at Berlitz, to help you understand a language as quickly as possible.

Specifically focused classes

You decide the focus of your classes, and can choose which path you will take to reach your goal. Whether you want to learn business German, or if you want to learn to speak more conversationally, the choice is yours!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How do online German classes work?

Classes in this format can be done in several different ways, whether it’s via a live instructor or self-paced study. Choose a format that best suits your routine.

When can I start taking my classes?

Your classes can start as soon as you are enrolled. Then just choose a course module, and start learning step by step how to communicate in the new language with the support of our team.

How many years has Berlitz been teaching new languages?

Berlitz is a language school that has been on the international market for many years, bringing success to an incredible range of people of different nationalities.

Why should I learn German?

German is one of the most widely spoken languages ​​in the world, and learning this language will open up opportunities outside of America for you, especially in Europe. Germany is a country that receives immigrants from all over the world.

How long does it take before I reach fluency?

You get in what you put out. To be fluent you will have to be consistent and dedicate yourself to achieving your goals. We’ll give you all the tools, support and confidence you need to achieve this.

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