The Berlitz Virtual Classroom

Local Learning Made Simple

The Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC) enables instructors and students to come together in real time via the internet. Students who can‘t make it to lessons at our language centers due to time or travel commitments can enjoy all the effectiveness of live instruction right from their home. Lessons are taught with the same method and materials used in classroom instruction – in any language.

With the Berlitz Virtual Classroom (BVC), you can enjoy all the advantages of our world-leading language courses, but with the added flexibility and convenience of online learning. Offering live lessons with an expert trainer, personalized courses, and a host of interactive features – it’s your fast-track to learning a new language.

All Berlitz online language classes feature live instruction with a Berlitz-certified native instructor. With our private online language classes, you will learn one-on-one with an instructor, allowing you to get more attention and to customize the curriculum based on your learning needs. The one-on-one interaction with your instructor gives you the ability to focus more on the areas you need to work on. That could be grammar, speaking, listening or a specific niche language ability that you need to focus on.


40 Languages:

Learn any language of your choice, at home

Accessible On Any Device, Anywhere:

Learn at home, in the office or when you’re on the move

Native-Fluent Instructors:

You’ll be learning the real language of modern life for work, education and everyday living

Tailor-Made Content:

Courses designed around you, so you learn the specific skills you need

The Berlitz Method:

It’s all about maximum speaking time, using your new language, for faster learning and greater confidence

Live Instruction:

Courses are available in a private or group setting with maximum learner participation – the key to successful learning

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