Why learn Arabic with Berlitz?

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The Arabic classes with Berlitz feature both language and culture training, which means as you are learning the pillars of the language, you will also be learning how to use the language in real-world situations. Using our proven immersive language learning Berlitz Method, you will only speak Arabic during your language courses where you will be speaking directly with a Berlitz-certified native speaker. This method of language learning will give you the skills you need to be confident using Arabic with other native speakers.

The Arabic language has many cultural nuances and with Berlitz, you will have the opportunity to focus on these aspects of using the language in your classes. Based on your timeline and goals, you can select a completely custom Arabic course that will allow you to dictate the specifics of what you want to learn to allow you to achieve your goals faster. For more casual learners, Berlitz offers more structured Arabic classes.

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Why learn Arabic?

With an estimated 290 million native Arabic speakers in the world and 422 million total people speaking Arabic (including non-native speakers), the language ranks in the top 10 most spoken languages in the world. Arabic is also one of the main languages used in the Middle East, making it a massively important language for business and travel in respect to anything specific to that region of the world.

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