Learn English Online

Choose how you want to learn English online

We offer three distinct online options for learning English.

Online English subscription + practice sessions

  • Most flexible option
  • Berlitz Flex lets you learn at your own pace
  • Practice with an instructor in live speaking sessions

Private online English classes

  • Fastest way to learn
  • Live lessons with a Berlitz instructor
  • Customizable learning plans to meet your needs

Group online English classes

  • Flexible schedules with small group sizes
  • Live instruction where you can practice with other students
  • Affordable payment options

English summer camps for kids

  • Private or group programs
  • Available online or in-person at select Berlitz locations
  • Multiple age groups with age-specific curriculum

The most convenient, effective way to learn English online.

Learning English online gives you the flexibility to learn around your schedule. You can cut out the hassle of traffic and parking and just focus on learning.


Online English classes from Berlitz as just as effective as our in-person classes. You will get the same immersive experience where the focus is on real-world, conversational skills. This method is proven to be the fastest, most effective way to learn English.

How learning online works with Berlitz

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Do I need to know any basic English language before I start studying?

No, you can start from scratch, with the basic proficiency level. We’ll give you all the support you need to help you become fluent.

Is learning English online difficult?

No language is difficult to learn with specialized teachers, quality teaching methods, and dedication to studying. The more you focus and practice the more confidence you will gain and the easier it will be to learn the English language, regardless of whether the class is in person or online.

Can I take English classes alone?

Yes. You can choose to take classes individually, in groups or in pairs. You can choose the format that you are most comfortable learning the language with. Studying alone may require more discipline and organization on your part, but it certainly has its advantages.

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